Hydro Massage

Real Therapy The enhancement of blood and lymphatic circulation promoted by therapeutic massage can have a dramatic impact on improving tissue health, oxygenation of blood cells, flushing of toxins and the reduction of pain. A significant complement to massage is heat therapy, which provides an analgesic effect by increasing blood flow to a local area. Increased blood supply helps reduce soreness while relieving pain. Numerous scientific studies suggest that massage can have many vital benefits which have been shown to help with a number of conditions:

• Low back pain • Stress and tension • Arthritis • Chronic fatigue • High blood pressure • Diabetes • Immunity suppression • Depression • A number of muscular and circulatory conditions


Easing pain.

  1. Reducing stress levels.

  2. Improving cardiovascular health.

  3. Skin problems.

  4. Asthma.

  5. Lower risk of Alzheimer's.

  6. Blood pressure risks.


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